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About Sarah Rogers

Several years ago I decided I needed a little more creativity in my life. So, I left the insurance industry to become a Graphic Designer and HelpDesk Guru for FastDirect Communications. With our unique emphasis on personalized help, I've been able to work closely with parochial school administrators, teachers, parents, and guardians alike. Daily, I witness their commitment to education and I'm honored to be in a position to hear about the challenges and successes of life in a school. The whole education community is constantly changing and growing and I hope to offer a little fun and insight.

A Special Thanks To Teachers This Christmas

Teachers definitely deserve a special thanks during the holiday season. I'm sure they would agree! Keeping students safe and focused right before Christmas is especially challenging. Reworking curriculum is another stressful part of the job these days. Many schools are embracing standards or are reviewing their curriculum. The hard work prepping for this school year and getting through the first semester definitely deserves [...]

The 7 Day Gratitude Challenge

This Thanksgiving I would like to offer up a 7 Day Gratitude Challenge. It's something that anyone can do, no matter their age. It's also a perfect time for me to express gratitude for the amazing schools I get to work with every day. I'm truly blessed to work with administrators, teachers, staff, and parents who are respectful, compassionate, and grateful [...]

Q & A With Gold Star Teachers: Star at Sacred Heart

Star Pedron is the upbeat and energetic 5th grade teacher at Sacred Heart Catholic School in Patterson, CA. Her passion for teaching shows in her creative lesson plans, her willingness to try something new, and her ever present enthusiasm for her kids. Star was a winner in our Holly Jolly Contest last year because of her outstanding use of technology, including [...]

FastDirect Q & A with Gold Star Teachers

Gold Star Teacher ~ Stephanie Koch Meet Stephanie Koch, who loves teaching middle school students “with all of their ups and downs, their keen sense of justice and humor.” Mrs. Koch has 28 years of education experience and teaches Language Arts to the seventh and eighth grades at Our Lady of Fatima in Lakewood, CO. She is held in great [...]

Monthly Mentions: May Newsletter

May 2015 - Transitioning to Summer! In May, most of our schools will be wrapping up their final grading period. Here are some items that may need to be addressed: Closing input for 4th mid-quarter reports Opening up teacher input for 4th quarter report cards Closing 4th quarter report cards when teachers have finished importing grades Some schools also [...]

Implement New Tech – Make a Plan!

Are you planning on implementing a new tech this summer or next year? Creating a plan which includes support for your staff and open communication with your whole community is paramount. Help foster a growth mindset for your whole community (not just for the kids) and promote a collaborative community to increase excitement for change! Here's a little inspirational piece to share [...]

Monthly Mentions: April Newsletter

April 2015 - Easter Blessings! In April, most of our schools will be releasing mid-quarter reports. Here are some items that may need to be addressed: Closing input for 3rd quarter report cards Confirming the date range in the system for the 4th mid-quarter report Opening up teacher input for mid-quarter reports Closing mid-quarter reports when teachers have finished [...]

Monthly Mentions: March Newsletter

March 2015 - Time to Spring Forward! In March, the schools on quarter schedules will be wrapping up the 3rd quarter and getting ready to start 4th quarter. Here are some FastDirect functions that may need to be addressed: Closing input for 3rd mid-quarter reports Opening up teacher input for 3rd quarter report cards Closing 3rd quarter report cards [...]

Monthly Mentions Newsletter: Tips, New Features and More

February 2015 - It's Registration Time! Registration is here and we would like to help make it easier. There are several features in FastDirect that make this possible. Here are some of those features: Registration report Online registration and re-registration Registration finance account File upload/file attachment for forms Links to post forms for parents WildCard fields to track [...]

FastDirect Training and Support for the New School Year

It’s a new school year! Are you ready? FastDirect Communications has several resources to help you prepare this August: free training and support saves you time and headaches. Schedule training for features you’ve never used before, call HelpDesk (tech support) at your convenience for help with system setup, read our newsletter for important reminders, and peruse our video tutorials for [...]

Password and Security Best Practices

Passwords are like keys in the online world. They open the locks that are in place to protect your online identity. Whether it’s for your school information system or your personal email and social media sites, passwords are an important layer of security. This week I've put together password and security best practices, which will help protect your online identity. As an [...]

Successful Implementation of School Management Software

It can be overwhelming to implement a new technology in your school, especially a new school management system. Whether you call it that, a school information system, or school management software you will be introducing a new technology that touches every person in your community and performs many different functions. In my experience, schools that are able to implement their school [...]

End of the Year Activities

The last day of school is coming up soon and for many schools, it’s the end of this week! I figure it's a great time to share some entertaining activities for the end of the year. The first one is a free printable I created, which could be fun to do in class or even at home this summer. It's all about [...]

Helping Teachers with Technology Integration

Integrating technology in school is an important part of professional development today. My experience with this subject comes from helping schools integrate our school management software. I see firsthand how important being able to successfully integrate a new technology is for schools. This week I thought it would be helpful to share some expert tips from Edutopia. Teachers, support staff, and [...]

What’s New? An Update To Teacher Web Pages!

What’s new in our school management software? This is exciting stuff! We recently released an update to our FastDirect Communications BulletinBoards. “What are BulletinBoards?” you may ask. Well, they are also called classroom web pages, teacher web pages, teacher websites, or even faculty web pages. Furthermore, our version of the teacher web page also integrates with our online grade book, [...]

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

This week I get to honor teachers in two new posts. This post focuses on National Teacher Appreciation Week, which starts next week on May 5 and Teacher Appreciation Day is the 6th. My other post was to congratulate our 2014 NCEA convention raffle winners; check out our cute photo from that day. I'd like to offer up a big [...]

2014 NCEA Convention: FastDirect Raffle Winner

This week I have two teacher-centered posts. That gives me the warm fuzzies! In this post, I'd like to congratulate our raffle winners from the NCEA convention in Pittsburgh last week. Each year, we raffle off a bicycle and if the lucky winner cannot travel with a bike, then we offer a cash prize. This year we had two winners, [...]