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Best Summer Reads for Middle School Students

Summer! Isn’t it everyone’s favorite time of year? No rushed mornings, no homework deadlines, no schedule, no nothing! Cool mornings give way to long afternoons that fade into warm evenings. The slow pace of summer delivers the much needed break from routine.  It is a time to recharge and refresh. It is also a fantastic time to dive into an interesting [...]

Online Curriculum Resources

Technology is a huge part of our lives. There is no fighting it. It is what we use to connect with friends, get directions and capture memories. In 2014, children are introduced to different types of it at a very early age and expect technology to be integrated in most parts of their lives. And in the classroom, it is becoming [...]

FastDirect Training and Support for the New School Year

It’s a new school year! Are you ready? FastDirect Communications has several resources to help you prepare this August: free training and support saves you time and headaches. Schedule training for features you’ve never used before, call HelpDesk (tech support) at your convenience for help with system setup, read our newsletter for important reminders, and peruse our video tutorials for [...]

Helping Teachers with Technology Integration

Integrating technology in school is an important part of professional development today. My experience with this subject comes from helping schools integrate our school management software. I see firsthand how important being able to successfully integrate a new technology is for schools. This week I thought it would be helpful to share some expert tips from Edutopia. Teachers, support staff, and [...]