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Best Summer Reads for Middle School Students

Summer! Isn’t it everyone’s favorite time of year? No rushed mornings, no homework deadlines, no schedule, no nothing! Cool mornings give way to long afternoons that fade into warm evenings. The slow pace of summer delivers the much needed break from routine.  It is a time to recharge and refresh. It is also a fantastic time to dive into an interesting [...]

Top Education Technology Blogs

The education blog world contains a lot of information and chatter, however, certain voices stand out. Following the blogs that stand out to you is definitely a fun way to learn.  Because we provide a school management system (school information system), we also help schools integrate technology into their daily lives. We see how the whole school community is constantly [...]

The FastDirect Communications Blog: Envision a Bright Future

Welcome! We’re pleased to introduce our new blog! Before I get going, let me first introduce our company, FastDirect Communications. FastDirect Communications offers personalized support for an easy to use school management system that strengthens school communities, and at prices affordable for private and parochial schools. In short, it’s an all-in-one service that connects the whole community, providing a convenient way [...]