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Better Parent-Teacher Relationships

Quality communication between the school and home means a two-way contact that is consistent, positive, and meaningful. With both teachers and parents being extremely busy, using technology to stay in touch is imperative for better parent-teacher relationships. The teachers I work with, who use technology to help build a parent-teacher relationship, experience more positive conversations with parents. For example, they [...]

What’s New?

FastDirect's Email Forwarding! Once every month we plan to include a post about FastDirect Communications’ new features. A little window into our ever improving school management system. This month I decided to focus on Email Forwarding. To those of you who are familiar with FastDirect, you’ll recognize that this feature was released a little while ago. However, because it is [...]

The FastDirect Communications Blog: Envision a Bright Future

Welcome! We’re pleased to introduce our new blog! Before I get going, let me first introduce our company, FastDirect Communications. FastDirect Communications offers personalized support for an easy to use school management system that strengthens school communities, and at prices affordable for private and parochial schools. In short, it’s an all-in-one service that connects the whole community, providing a convenient way [...]