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Education Intentions for the New Year

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/__EOgCDiNR/   As you welcome 2016 to your lives, remember to welcome new ideas into the classroom. Here are a few ideas and links to keep things fresh in the coming year. Enjoy! FastDirect Communications tools to try: Intend to… FDmail your parents regularly, inform them on upcoming events, contact them with updates on their [...]

Online Curriculum Resources

Technology is a huge part of our lives. There is no fighting it. It is what we use to connect with friends, get directions and capture memories. In 2014, children are introduced to different types of it at a very early age and expect technology to be integrated in most parts of their lives. And in the classroom, it is becoming [...]

Password and Security Best Practices

Passwords are like keys in the online world. They open the locks that are in place to protect your online identity. Whether it’s for your school information system or your personal email and social media sites, passwords are an important layer of security. This week I've put together password and security best practices, which will help protect your online identity. As an [...]

Successful Implementation of School Management Software

It can be overwhelming to implement a new technology in your school, especially a new school management system. Whether you call it that, a school information system, or school management software you will be introducing a new technology that touches every person in your community and performs many different functions. In my experience, schools that are able to implement their school [...]

Helping Teachers with Technology Integration

Integrating technology in school is an important part of professional development today. My experience with this subject comes from helping schools integrate our school management software. I see firsthand how important being able to successfully integrate a new technology is for schools. This week I thought it would be helpful to share some expert tips from Edutopia. Teachers, support staff, and [...]

Better Parent-Teacher Relationships

Quality communication between the school and home means a two-way contact that is consistent, positive, and meaningful. With both teachers and parents being extremely busy, using technology to stay in touch is imperative for better parent-teacher relationships. The teachers I work with, who use technology to help build a parent-teacher relationship, experience more positive conversations with parents. For example, they [...]

Top Education Technology Blogs

The education blog world contains a lot of information and chatter, however, certain voices stand out. Following the blogs that stand out to you is definitely a fun way to learn.  Because we provide a school management system (school information system), we also help schools integrate technology into their daily lives. We see how the whole school community is constantly [...]

The FastDirect Communications Blog: Envision a Bright Future

Welcome! We’re pleased to introduce our new blog! Before I get going, let me first introduce our company, FastDirect Communications. FastDirect Communications offers personalized support for an easy to use school management system that strengthens school communities, and at prices affordable for private and parochial schools. In short, it’s an all-in-one service that connects the whole community, providing a convenient way [...]