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Monthly Mentions: May Newsletter

May 2015 - Transitioning to Summer! In May, most of our schools will be wrapping up their final grading period. Here are some items that may need to be addressed: Closing input for 4th mid-quarter reports Opening up teacher input for 4th quarter report cards Closing 4th quarter report cards when teachers have finished importing grades Some schools also [...]

Monthly Mentions: March Newsletter

March 2015 - Time to Spring Forward! In March, the schools on quarter schedules will be wrapping up the 3rd quarter and getting ready to start 4th quarter. Here are some FastDirect functions that may need to be addressed: Closing input for 3rd mid-quarter reports Opening up teacher input for 3rd quarter report cards Closing 3rd quarter report cards [...]

Monthly Mentions Newsletter: Tips, New Features and More

February 2015 - It's Registration Time! Registration is here and we would like to help make it easier. There are several features in FastDirect that make this possible. Here are some of those features: Registration report Online registration and re-registration Registration finance account File upload/file attachment for forms Links to post forms for parents WildCard fields to track [...]

What’s New? An Update To Teacher Web Pages!

What’s new in our school management software? This is exciting stuff! We recently released an update to our FastDirect Communications BulletinBoards. “What are BulletinBoards?” you may ask. Well, they are also called classroom web pages, teacher web pages, teacher websites, or even faculty web pages. Furthermore, our version of the teacher web page also integrates with our online grade book, [...]

2014 NCEA Convention: FastDirect Raffle Winner

This week I have two teacher-centered posts. That gives me the warm fuzzies! In this post, I'd like to congratulate our raffle winners from the NCEA convention in Pittsburgh last week. Each year, we raffle off a bicycle and if the lucky winner cannot travel with a bike, then we offer a cash prize. This year we had two winners, [...]

What’s New?

FastDirect's Email Forwarding! Once every month we plan to include a post about FastDirect Communications’ new features. A little window into our ever improving school management system. This month I decided to focus on Email Forwarding. To those of you who are familiar with FastDirect, you’ll recognize that this feature was released a little while ago. However, because it is [...]