April 2016  – Spring has sprung!

In April, most of our schools will be releasing mid-quarter reports. Here are some items that may need to be addressed:

  • Closing input for 3rd quarter report cards
  • Confirming the date range in the system for the 4th mid-quarter report
  • Opening up teacher input for mid-quarter reports
  • Closing mid-quarter reports when teachers have finished importing grades

By early May, the steps for the Summer Transition process will appear at the top of your Home screen. Some of these steps involve:

  • Creating staff accounts for any new teachers
  • Moving students forward to their new grade and homeroom
  • Creating courses and filling GradeBooks

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Administrators: We have added a Print button on the parent information form, allowing administrators to print a parent’s information in a printer-friendly format. Whether you print this form for registration or keep it for a paper copy, this Print button should make things easier.

Teachers: Along with the ability to batch print your Report Cards, you also have the ability to batch print your students’ report card comments for the whole year. This is also true for their attendance calendars!

Parents: April means tax season and FastDirect has a tax report for parents.  This report can be found on their Home page and provides them with a clear and simple report for printing!

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