April 2017  – Spring is here at last!

In April, most of our schools will be releasing mid-quarter reports. Here are some items that may need to be addressed:

  • Closing input for 3rd quarter report cards
  • Confirming the date range in the system for the 4th mid-quarter report
  • Opening up teacher input for mid-quarter reports
  • Closing mid-quarter reports when teachers have finished importing grades

By early May, the steps for the Summer Transition process will appear at the top of your Home screen. Some of these steps involve:

  • Creating staff accounts for any new teachers
  • Moving students forward to their new grade and homeroom
  • Creating courses and filling GradeBooksLinks to post forms for parents

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For students that have transferred out of the current school year, administrators are now able to access their attendance reports, as well as grade book and report card grades without having to move them back into their homeroom.

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Administrators: Show Me St. Louis! This year’s NCEA Convention is being held in FastDirect’s hometown! Stop by our booth (#945) to say hi and learn more about how FastDirect can help your school!

Teachers: For some teachers, having access to any student’s report card or grade book is essential for their job. With a principal’s request, HelpDesk can allow specific staff accounts access to all grade books and report cards for all students.

Parents: For parents, viewing a student’s attendance has never been easier! Along with the other viewable reports (grade book, report cards, missing assignments), you can now allow parents to view their child’s attendance calendar!

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