December 2016  – The happiest of holidays!

For the schools who are approaching mid-quarter reports, here are some FastDirect functions that may need to be addressed: 

  • Closing input for 1st quarter report cards
  • Opening up teacher input for 2nd mid-quarter reports
  • Closing teacher input for 2nd mid-quarter reports when teachers have finished importing grades

The winter season can sometimes mean changes in school schedules and closings because of weather. If your school closes due to inclement weather, you will need to change the Master School Calendar to reflect that those days are non-attendance days. To notify your staff and parents of any closings, late starts or early dismissals, use the FDbroadcast feature. These broadcasts can go directly from the school to the parents’ cell phones and email accounts, keeping everyone informed instantly! Additionally, you can also post updates, messages or announcements on the login page.

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For parents, viewing a student’s attendance has never been easier!  Along with the other viewable reports (grade book, report cards, missing assignments), you can now allow parents to view their child’s attendance calendar!

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Administrators: In the Student Rosters>All report, you can now see a total number of students per homeroom and per grade level.

Teachers: There are many reasons why a student may switch from one course to another mid-year. If a student has transferred out of your course but must remain in the roster, you can ‘hide’ his name to avoid confusion when entering in grades.

Parents: When pre-ordering lunches for your child, you have a total dollar amount displayed for the days you have placed an order. Additionally, if you’ve forgotten if you ordered lunch today for your child, the current day’s orders are viewable!

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