March 2016  – In like a lion, out like a lamb!

In March, the schools on quarter schedules will be wrapping up the 3rd quarter and getting ready to start 4th quarter.  Here are some FastDirect functions that may need to be addressed:

  • Closing input for 3rd mid-quarter reports
  • Opening up teacher input for 3rd quarter report cards
  • Closing 3rd quarter report cards when teachers have finished importing grades

Registration is here and we would like to help make it easier. There are several features in FastDirect that make this possible. Here are some of those features:

  • Registration report
  • Online registration and re-registration
  • Registration finance account
  • File upload/file attachment for forms
  • Links to post forms for parents
  • WildCard fields to track registration forms
  • Applicants group for new students

FDusers, please go to our full newsletter for the complete list of what’s coming up this month and to watch the Registration Video in the Video Tutorial of the Month section!

We have added Print button on the parent information form, allowing administrators to print a parent’s information in a printer-friendly format.  Whether you print this form for registration or keep it for a paper copy, this Print button should make things easier.

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Administrators: Barcode scanners are one way to facilitate an easier verification process for the Cafeteria lunch ordering. FastDirect also allows keypad/ID number input.

Teachers: Stop by our booth #729 at this year’s NCEA show! When you stop by, make sure to register to win a new folding bicycle from GreenZone Bikes!

Parents: If your child will be returning to the same school again next year, FastDirect has a feature that allows you to re-register your child online through your parent account. Speak with a school administrator if your school doesn’t currently offer this feature.

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