September 2016  – Let’s Make it a Great Year!

For most of our schools, the Summer Transition steps are completed and the new school year is underway. There is still one last important step: Reviewing Report Cards! 

Previewing your report cards is a very
important step and should be completed
during these first few weeks of school.

This step involves looking over each grade level’s report cards to make sure all courses, sub-categories, grade scales and layouts look correct. When you complete this step early in the school year, you help support your teachers by making sure they have what they need and reduce last minute report card corrections at the end of the grading period. Please note that ReportCard changes can take up to a week to process.

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For some schools, certain grade levels pay different lunch prices. Setting up these homerooms/grade levels into a separate lunch program code is now much easier! For example, now you can add the whole 5th grade class with one click to a “5-8” lunch program!

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Administrators: $$$$ Looking to trim some expenditures for next year? Consider eliminating the cost of a school notification system and let FastDirect Communications do the job – at no extra cost!

Teachers: When a student is marked absent and then arrives tardy, the homeroom teacher is allowed to change that student to tardy and set the number if minutes that the student arrived tardy.

Parents: Saving your ‘sent’ messages in FastDirect can help provide a paper trail for all FDmail correspondences. Also, when you click Sent FDmail, you have the option to ‘Select all’ so that you can mark all of your sent messages as ‘Never Delete’.

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