August 2016  – Refreshed and ready to go!

The start of school can be a crazy time but HelpDesk is here to make it easier. With the start of school quickly approaching, FastDirect wants to make sure your school is ready. In addition to completing the Summer Transition steps, there are several other items to be addressed. To stay on top of the many features and settings that need to be reviewed for the start of school, we have created a checklist for administrators, as well as separate ones for teachers and parents. These helpful checklists can be found in the full newsletter.

HelpDesk is available to help guide you through these steps – just contact HelpDesk with an FDmail message or call our toll free number 866.805.3116.

FDusers, please go to our full newsletter for the complete list of what’s coming up this month.

We have made some changes to the student form with regards to tracking food allergies and medical information. The student form now has two separate fields – one specifically for food related issues and a second field for other medical conditions.

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Administrators: In addition to the Administrator Checklist,
we also have for you an activation letter (as a mail merge file) which includes the activation letter plus the activation code for each new parent – as a batch print!

Teachers: In addition to the Teacher Checklist, we also wanted to remind you that you can copy your GradeBook events from one course to another. What a time saver!

Parents: In addition to the Parent Checklist, we want you to know that you can pin your FastDirect Login page to your mobile home screen so you can quickly access your parent account!

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